Frustrated Man Pays Sales Tax Using around 300,000 Pennies to Get Even at Government Office

When the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) did not provide him with a number to call so he could ask questions about his two newly bought cars, including how he could have the vehicles registered to his name, a frustrated Nick Stafford of Cedar Bluff, Virginia decided to get even.

Of course, he knew that he had to pay the $2,987.45 he owes in sales tax for the two new vehicles and he couldn’t get away with not paying that amount but he thought of another way to get even.

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So, Stafford went to the bank and withdrew $2,987.45 – in pennies! He went to the DMV in his locality to pay the sales tax using those pennies.

It took about 5 wheelbarrows to cart all those money into the government office as it weighed around 1,600 lbs (725 kg). While other offices would have called the police and have Stafford charged over the matter, the DMV calmly accepted Stafford’s money.

The DMV used an automated counting machine to count the pennies but the machine started jamming, much to Stafford’s secret delight. So, the DMV staff had to count the pennies by hand – and they had to stay late that day just to finish counting the money.

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Stafford claims he had also spent an additional $1,000 to file several state records request lawsuits just “to prove the point”. That’s not to mention spending one entire day at the DMV office just to wait for his payment to be fully counted.

Hmmm. What a waste of time and money, all to “prove a point”!

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Fox News

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