Frustrated with Dad Opening His Mails, Son Sends Him This Spectacular Surprise

A question for parents: Do you open your children’s mails?

Many parents think that they should open their children’s mails (even adult children) because they are their kids, anyway. Well, not only is this not legal, it is also quite frustrating to the kids – especially if they have stuff they wish to hide from their parents (like love letters, of course).

One guy got so frustrated with his dad going through his mail that he ordered a huge surprise for the old man, knowing he was sure to open it. The guy also set up a hidden camera to watch his dad’s reaction.

As he had expected, the old guy took the mail to his desk and went through the stuff. The cylindrical mail addressed to his son was certainly an object of curiosity, so he opened that as well…

What he did not know is that it was a spring-loaded surprise that had him jumping off his seat! I bet this dad would not be opening his son’s mails again. Watch the funny video here: