Fun Combination: 3 Kids, 1 Trampoline, and 1 Water-filled Balloon

It is always nice to let the kids have fun with water – just as long as the water is safe, of course. The parents of three young kids thought it would be nice to let the kids enjoy the trampoline in a different manner.

Instead of using the trampoline the usual way, the kids were invited to go underneath it. Meanwhile, dad is filling a large balloon on the top portion of the trampoline with water.

With all three kids beneath the trampoline, the water-filled balloon burst, drenching them. They quickly scrambled to move out of the trampoline while their parents had a hearty laugh at their expense. But don’t worry because the girls are giggling hard and would probably do it again.

What a cool way to prank the kids and have fun!

Check out the video here: