Funny “English” Signs

Here are some “English” signs, spotted mostly in the Philippines…

Hello, Captain Obvious! LOL


We’re not sure if this ‘Boy Waitress’ needs to be gay or something…
boy waitress

Hey! You can only use the toilet at the port. LOL.

comport room

It’s the thought that counts, really!


What’s a PWEEL? Ooooops.
deep pweel

Attention, vehicles! Make sure you comply…

full in line

Oh, yeah! Cool sign…

hand job

Hmmmmm. What are these guys supposed to do?

men of work

You have been warned!

please off the light

We’re not so sure that’s what those guys would use for doing their thing… LOL.

robber shose

OMG! They’re selling parts?

service and parts

Sometimes it is really important to ask someone else to proofread your notice before you get it printed…

silenced please

But perhaps that is their brand name?


Repeat things for emphasis! Check.

table charge

But at least those pillows are cheap…

thru pillows

I don’t think I’d want to buy this pizza… it has free ticks! Yuck.

tick crush

If you don’t know the correct term, it is best to invent one. Do you agree?

tred n‘Wath do you mean? LOL

watch repair

What do you think is wrong with this picture?

wellness spa