Funny Photos of Things That Unexpectedly Look Like Each Other…#11 is Hilarious!

It is said that no two people are ever the same – for even identical twins have their differences but it is fun to look for similarities in people or things that are totally different from each other. Of course, we expect twins or family members to have similarities, especially in their facial features yet there have been plenty of cases of completely unrelated people who look so much alike that people often mistake them for siblings or twins!

Now, different and unrelated people looking like each other might not be something new to you but have you ever seen photos of things that actually resemble the faces of people? I mean, random things that were not specifically crafted to look like people.

I bet you will be surprised at how this is actually quite possible in many circumstances. For example, there’s this green pepper that bears resemblance to Sylvester Stallone and a cat who looks like Adolf Hitler!

Check out some of the funny things that look unexpectedly like each other…

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