FUNNY VIDEO: Live Interview of BBC Expert Gets Gatecrashed by Curious Kids, But ‘Ninja Wife’ Saves the Day!

Kids can be really curious little things – and they don’t always understand when you are actually working at home. One dad has gone viral after his curious kids gatecrashed no less than an interview on BBC – but netizens were more excited over how his ‘ninja wife’ saves the day!

Based in South Korea, Professor Robert Kelly is an expert on Korean politics. So, he was interviewed by BBC News over the impeachment issue hounding South Korea’s president Park Geun-hye.

But while he was Skyping with BBC’s presenter James Menendez, his daughter Marion marched into the room like a boss and curiously peered into her father’s computer, chewing what looks like a pen as she listened to her dad talk.

Screenshot from video by BBC News

Kelly attempted to ignore his daughter and continue with the live interview but his son James, seeing the open door, joins the interview as well!

But netizens were soon clapping their hands when Kelly’s ‘ninja wife’ Jung-a Kim skids into the room and extract the kids as she crouched low on the floor in an attempt to avoid the camera’s focus – not knowing that the world has shifted its focus on the floor and away from daddy’s serious interview.

Indeed, it was a hilarious moment and an embarrassed Kelly apologized a couple of times before the interview proceeded.

The show’s producer uploaded the clip on Twitter with the caption, “When live TV goes wrong… This BBC TV guest’s children become the stars of the show.

What do you think of this clip? His wife is definitely a ninja, right? LOL

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Telegraph UK

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