Funny Video: You’ll Laugh at This Groom’s Antics After Kissing His Bride

During weddings, the bride and the groom kiss to seal their marriage after exchanging their vows. This is the much-awaited part of the ceremony since this is the first time that the couple will kiss as a married couple.

Of course, it might not be the sweetest kiss in their marriage since it can be difficult to convey a lot of emotion in a kiss witnessed by scores of people. This is possibly the reason why a lot of couples choose to make light of the moment by doing funny antics such as hiding behind the bride’s bouquet or covering the sides of their faces with their hands to “hide” from the camera and their wedding guests

But there are also those who go out of their way just to get some laughs from the crowd. Take for example this groom who executes a rather hilarious move after kissing his bride. You’ll definitely laugh at his antics in this video shared on YouTube by Anatolie Liftiniuc:

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