Future Star-Crossed Lovers? Babies Named Romeo and Juliet, Born at Same Hospital Just Hours Apart

Staff at a hospital couldn’t get over the names of two babies they had delivered just a few hours apart – because one was named Romeo and the other was named Juliet! The child’s parents didn’t know each; thus, the coincidence was rather cute…

It was on Sunday, March 19, at around 2:06PM that Romeo Archangel Hernandez was born at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville, South Carolina. But less than 24 hours later, his Juliet was born!

At 8:14AM on Monday, some 18 hours and 8 minutes later, Juliet Evangeline Shifflett was born – and she stayed at the adjacent room.

Now, the hospital staff did not immediately make a connection but when newborn photographer Cassie Clayshulte was called in by Romeo’s parents to take some photos when she noticed a “Juliet” in the nursery – and was shocked at the coincidence.

She checked with the nurses’ station to make sure she did get the names right before asking the families whether they would agree to a joint photoshoot. The amused parents agreed.

Photo credit: Cassie Clayshulte Photography / Facebook

The parents didn’t know each other prior to the shoot but were quite amused that their children had the names of William Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers; however, both also revealed that their children weren’t actually named after the pair.

Morgan and Edwin Hernandez named their son “Romeo” after singer Romeo Santos while Christiana Shifflett said they picked “Juliet” because they wanted their second child to also have a name that starts with “J” as their son was named Jonas. They decided on the name because the main character of the show they were watching (TV show ‘Psych’) was named Jules.

Shifflett’s husband Allan Umana remarked, “Our kid’s already famous and she’s only a day old.

Asked whether they think the kids might become star-crossed lovers in the future, just like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the parents joked that the kids didn’t have to be star-crossed lovers because they, the parents, are already planning on an arranged marriage.

Clayshulte jokingly shared, “We’ve already made jokes they need an arranged marriage. I had told them that if they want to book me now as their wedding photographer they could do that.

Well, we’re definitely looking forward to what could happen to these kids a few decades from now… Who’s with me?