Gadget Store in Malaysia Cancels Sale after 11,000 People Queue Up Outside Their Store

Everyone goes crazy when the things they’ve been eyeing for a long time but couldn’t afford will have a price drop.

The Switch store at My Town Shopping in Kuala Lumpur is a reseller of Apple product and was supposed to host a clearance sale of Apple gadgets. They offer to sell iPhone 5s for $50, 64GB MacBook Air for $128 and 24-inch iMac for $255, but here’s the catch, there will only be 200 products available on sale.

Obviously, they are expecting for a busy weekend but little did they know that there would be 11,000 people waiting for the store to open. The line started from the second floor of the mall all the way to the mall’s parking lot. According to Oddity Central, people started gathering outside the Switch store 19 hours before the sale; by the time the store opened, the mall already reached around the shopping complex and even reached the parking lot.

Employees were supposed to hand out queue tickets to the first people in the line but as soon as they opened the store doors, the crowd just started pushing each other. Fearing that the large crowd would create a human stampede, the store had no choice but to cancel the sale.

“Due to security reason, we regret to inform you that the clearance sale will be put on hold until further notice. We are truly sorry for the Demo Clearance Event yesterday. We did not expect the magnitude. We were overwhelmed by the 11,000 [that] turned up,” Switch wrote on their Facebook post.

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