Gambler Wins $1 Million After Losing Weight Because Poker Buddies Bet He Couldn’t Do It!

Have you ever tried losing weight but eventually just gave up because there are so many temptations around and not much motivation for you to continue? Well, many of us can really relate with that – but one guy had the best motivation to lose weight: $1 million! Would he win?

Walter Fisher is a 36-year-old gambler who had a rather lucky streak for several months, leading him to a 6-figure windfall from February to June 2016. He just couldn’t lose in any bet he made during those months.

Instead of quitting when he began losing, the gambler in him pushed on and made higher bets to quickly regain what he lost. But his good luck had ended; within just 1 month, his 6-figure windfall was lost.

He continued playing, eventually acquiring debt amounting to $100,000. But while he lost money in large quantities, he was also putting on weight quickly because he would splurge on high-calorie food each time he lost so he would feel happy.

He ate entire pizzas by himself, indulged in as much as four servings of chocolate cakes, and ordered lots of pasta meals.

Even as he spiraled deeper in debt, he showed no signs of slowing down on his food intake so that his friends would soon notice and advise him to stop. By December, he weighed 245 lbs. It seemed that he would never slow down and lose weight.

Photo credit: Walter Fisher / New York Post

An opportunistic high roller buddy made a bet that he could not reduce to less than 10% body fat in 6 months. Some would think it was an insult but Fisher saw the $100,000 bet as a huge opportunity to get back on his feet again. He accepted, asking help from two rich high-rolling friends to back him up.

Several high rollers joined the bet so that the stakes would surpass $1 million before the month ended because a lot of people really thought he had no shot at all!

You’ll probably look better at the end of all this, but there is no way in hell you’ll win the money,” one gambler remarked.

With the money secured in an escrow account, Fisher was determined to win.

Fisher hired fitness coach Chris DiVecchio who readily got involved after learning about the bet. DiVecchio accepted the challenge of helping Fisher, as long as he also gets a cut of the winnings.

With his name and reputation at stake plus money on the gamble, DiVecchio did his best to work on Fisher who had “no athletic ability and zero training” but had a body fat percentage of 33%. Training was hell for Fisher who also had to go on a strict diet but he was determined to win the $1-million bet.

Photo credit: Walter Fisher / New York Post

His backers were so sure they would win that they added a second bet that he would reach the 10% mark in 4 months – but they lost because he still had 13.5% body fat on the 4-month mark. He would soon lose confidence in himself when he got stuck in that number for weeks.

Sports-medicine nutritionist Phil Goglia, DiVecchio’s mentor, was called in to help. Goglia made Fisher eat more – a contradiction perhaps for many because Fisher is trying to lose weight but the nutritionist said the gambler wasn’t losing any more fat because he was eating ‘too little’.

With Goglia monitoring Fisher’s diet, all the gambler would do in the next few months was eat, train, and rest. Amazingly, at the end of the 6-month period, he was down to just 8.8% body fat, weighing just 175 lbs (80kg)! He won the $1 million bet!

His journey to weight loss might be extreme but he would go down internet history as the guy who won a million dollars just for losing weight…