Generous Diner Tips Waitress with $1k after Learning She’s Saving Money for College… And She Hadn’t Even Served His Table!

Alesha Palmer was serving a table at Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant in Gun Barrel City, talking to some family friends about her college plans when a diner who overheard the exchange stood up to speak with the manager and proceeded to tip her with $1,000 even if she had not served him!

The generous patron refused to give his name, choosing to remain anonymous, and swiftly left the restaurant before Alesha even knew that he gave her a huge tip.

According to Alesha, she was serving some family friends who had asked her about her plans for college. She told them that her parents had pledged their support for her education but she is also doing what she can to raise enough money for her tuition.

While she was speaking with the family, she noticed that the patron from the other table had gone to the owner and both looking at her. Afraid that she must have done something wrong to offend the guy, she immediately headed off to the manager when the guy was gone – and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the patron was not complaining about her but was actually making a huge donation to her college funds!

Even if he had only spent less than $10 on food, he gave Alesha a tip of $1,000!

Photo credit: Facebook/ Vetoni's Italian Restaurant
Photo credit: Facebook/
Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant

She was so shocked by the man’s generosity that she admitted to crying in the middle of the restaurant when Mike, the owner, showed her the receipt.

Alesha is quite lucky considering that she has only started working at Vetoni’s for a month and that the restaurant’s highest tip received was $100 which a regular customer (a lawyer who had worked his way through law school) often gives to the food servers.

With the money, Alesha not only has a big addition to her college fund but the story also helps restore everyone’s faith in humanity – that there are still a lot of generous people out there who are willing to help someone in need without asking for anything in return…