Genius Hacks for Those Silica Gel Packets for Everyday Use!

You’ve probably seen these gel packets whenever you bought new bag, new shoes or even a bottle of Advil. These packets come with a warning to throw them away and not eat them. More often than not, when we see packets of this, we end up throwing them away, not realizing how helpful they can be. I bet only a few of us know why they’re lurking inside all our new stuff!

Silica gel is commonly fond in bags of vitamin bottles, boxes of new shoes, bags, dried seaweed containers etc., For those of you who are not familiar with them, silica gel is a desicant, which means it absorbs and holds water and helps keep things dry and moisture-free. The gel packs suck up water vapor from the air and keep new products dry and fresh.

Although silica gel packets instruct us to throw them away, you can actually keep them for a variety of unexpectedly practical uses around the house.

Want to know of their unexpected uses? Hit the play button below and find out!

What do you guys think? Throwing away those silica gel packs? You’d better not!