George Floyd protesters caught on cam while looting Louis Vuitton in Portland

  • The demise of George Floyd in the hands of a cop who knelt on his neck until he could no longer breathe sparked protests in America
  • However, in Portland, what was supposed to be a show of support for Floyd turned into a looting spree
  • They broke the glass walls of a luxury brand and went inside to get items

Videos of George Floyd pleading for his life before a cop kneeling on his neck have been making rounds on social media.

Image capture from YouTube | OktavianusKokoh

Floyd’s demise sparked protests in different parts of America, including Portland, Oregon. However, what was supposed to be a show of support for Floyd turned into a looting incident when protesters started going inside a Louis Vuitton store.

People clad in masks were captured on camera while entering through the broken glasses of the luxury brand. They went out already carrying items from the shop.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, in a tweet, said he already had enough.

“I had to leave Portland today because my mother is dying. I am with family to prepare for her final moments. This is hard, this is personal, but so is watching my city get destroyed,” he said.

Image capture from YouTube | OktavianusKokoh

He later placed Portland under state of emergency. “Burning buildings with people inside, stealing from small and large businesses, threatening and harassing reporters. All in the middle of a pandemic where people have already lost everything,” Wheeler said in a separate tweet.

“This isn’t calling for meaningful change in our communities, this is disgusting.”

Social media users also expressed disappointment over the chaos.”This is not about George Floyd anymore,” Colleen said.

Shiv A. meanwhile said the looters’ names should be released. “The sad thing is that even though the man died, these people are taking it as an excuse to rob stores,” Caesers said.

Watch the video here:

Sources: YouTube, Twitter, India Today