German Architect Suffers from Rare Metabolic Disease, Needs to Drink at Least 20 Liters of Water a Day to Stay Alive

A 35-year-old architect from Germany named Marc Wübbenhorst needs to drink at least 20 liters of water a day or else, he will die from dehydration.

He is suffering from a rare metabolic disease called Diabetes insipidus that causes intense thirst and frequent excretion of large amounts of diluted urine. He had this rare condition since he was born.

Image: Oddity Centra

So what would happen to his body if he stops drinking water? Basically, his body will start to dry and he might die from thirst in just matter of hours.

When he was young, he can still manage his condition and maintain a normal life. Unfortunately, as he grew older, his condition got worse that he fell into a deep depression. His thirst doesn’t go away after drinking a glass of water. His kidneys eliminate the fluids almost as fast as he ingests them as his body can’t hold any water. If he won’t drink fluid for more than an hour, his lips start to crack and he’ll be dizzy and confused.

Image: Getz Mo

It’s really sad that he can’t even have a good night sleep. In fact, he told Oddity Central that he has never slept for more than two hours at a time in his whole life because as soon as he goes to the bathroom, he rehydrates himself and the cycle continues.

His rare condition makes him visit the toilet up to 50 times a day and limits him to working and having long travel because he doesn’t know what to do if an emergency happens.

Despite his condition, Marc remains positive and doesn’t let his illness be a hindrance to making his dreams come true. He became an inspiration to several people who are suffering just as he is.