Get to know this app that will help you get over a breakup

  • A company in Hong Kong recently introduced a travel app meant to help people going through breakups to get over their pain
  • The app features activities and experiences depending on your mood or what you are going through
  • For now, the app is targeting travelers from Taiwan and is available on iOS
Image via Pixabay

Where do broken hearts go?

A company in Hong Kong knows exactly where to take you as they launched “The Breakup Tours”; a travel app that will help the brokenhearted deal with pain.

Stephen Chung, the company’s co-founder, said the company believes that travelling is the best way to mend a broken heart.

“Breakup is hard as changes are hard. When you stick to your routine, you become very aware of the things missing in your routine. Traveling allows you to break away. It gives you new perspectives,” he told CNN.

Chung also said they have figured three steps to heal, which can all be found in their offerings. “After talking to a lot of people, we realized that there are three steps to heal: Emotional release; try something new; and learn something new. All our activities are centered around these three steps.”

Users can book an activity depending on their mood. Some of the activities are pottery repair and going in a temple to pray to Chinese cupids. They can also choose to go on a sho0ting workshop.

Image via Breakup Tours

Chung said that travelers will be provided with a “Break Up First Aid Kit” before going on a trip. The contents of the kit will depend on what the traveler is going through. “Every first-aid kit will be slightly different according to the customer’s story,” Chung said. The kit will include a therapeutic writing exercise which a psychology professor helped create.

While the app allows travelers to connect with other users, Chung clarified that it is not a dating app and is not made to help brokenhearted people find new love right away.

“We don’t want to be a match-making service and we don’t think you should jump right into another relationship. So if you want to be alone, you can turn on the invisible button so people can’t see you,” Chung said.

For now, the app is targeting Hong Kong outbound travelers and is available on iOS.

Source: CNN