‘Ghost’ Joins a Child’s Birthday Party, Family Freaks Out after Seeing Her in the Photos

A child’s birthday party is supposed to be a fun-filled event – and you’d surely be happy looking at the photos of the event but one such party turned into a mini nightmare when mom noticed an eerie girl in the photos.

Sally Watts, 43, threw a birthday party for her daughter Grace at their home in Brynhyfryd, North Wales in England.

While she was presenting the cake to Grace, her other kids looked on from the couch while another daughter, Charlotte, took the photo. Sally’s reflection can be seen on the mirror, carrying Grace’s cake.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

But it was the kid at her back that made the picture really, really creepy. In this snapshot, a child could be seen looking on at the family as they celebrated Grace’s birthday but Sally revealed there were no other kids in that party!

In fact, no one at the party even looked like the child in that photo!

There were only five kids there at the party and they were only there in the room. Charlotte was taking the picture and my other son Eddie was away camping.

There’s literally no explanation for it. We were trying to work out what had happened, trying to re-enact it without scaring the kids,” revealed Sally.

But while the incident was rather creepy, Sally further revealed that this was not the first time they experienced paranormal activity at home.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

At their former home, Sally said they had encountered paranormal activity several times, with typical haunting experiences such as hearing someone call her ‘Mom!’ even if her kids didn’t really call her. She also said that there were times when things were moved around the house or toys, such as the rocking horse, would move by themselves and make sounds!

Of course, there were many who were sceptic of their story and accused Sally of photoshopping the photo for attention. But Sally insists that she did no such thing and that the ‘ghost’ in the photo was the real deal.

Do you think she’s telling the truth?

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