“Ghost” Prankster Gets Run Over by Terrified Prank Victim

Pranksters try to outdo each other in making the funniest, most unique, or most terrifying pranks that sometimes we wonder what would happen if the victim has a gun, knows karate, or runs them over with the vehicle he/she is driving.

We got an answer in the form of another prank created by a group calling themselves Papa Crazy. In their YouTube account, the group posted a video showing a “prank gone wrong” wherein two “ghosts” were trying to scare the driver of a lone car in a quiet road.

With one ghost waiting at the rear end and another one at the front, the car driver was trapped. Terrified of the ghosts, the driver drives through the one in front of him – because you can drive through ghosts, right? Well, wrong! Because these guys were not really ghosts but pranksters dressed in ghost costume.

This prank could have gotten really worse and the “ghost” prankster could have died (and would have become a real ghost LOL); thankfully, all he got was a gash at the knee. This should teach pranksters not to frighten people with terrifying pranks as something could really, really go wrong and they (or the victims!) could die!

Check out the video here: