‘Ghost’ Strikes at Haunted School Again, Scares Netizens with Creepy Video in Empty Hall

Did you remember that CCTV footage taken from the hallway of an empty school in Ireland where things began to move, including a set of heavy lockers?

See – CCTV Camera Captures Terrifying ‘Ghost Activity’ at Empty Hallway of School Built in the 1800s

Well, it seems that whoever this spirit or ghost might be, it is not yet finished terrorizing the school – or haunting the empty hallways when no one is around, anyway.

In a video still posted by DEERPARKCBS, the official social media account of Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland, a hallway has become the scene of another strange activity that could be attributed to some ghost or poltergeist, if you believe in such things.

Photo credit: DEERPARKCBS / YouTube

It seems to be another hallway or just a different angle from the first video but this one involved the movement of several chairs, with one being dragged across the hallway.

A bag was also thrown off the locker and some posters were torn from the walls. Because there was no one there in the hall, it was strange that the motion-sensor cameras were triggered and that these weird things were happening.

Of course, as with the first video, netizens weren’t sure whether they could believe that this was a real haunting caught on camera or if this was yet another elaborate prank created by some geniuses who knew how to make things move without people getting seen on video.

But the school claims this happened in the middle of the night, when no one was in the premises. Hmmm.

What do you think of this video?