Ghost? Video Shows Terrifying Moment an Empty Swing Moves Violently at Playground

Do you think ghosts and lost spirits really exist in this world?

Even in this modern day, there are still a lot of people who believe that there are ghosts and lost spirits roaming the Earth. Because many have this belief that spirits remain on Earth, can you just imagine how many spirits and ghosts are now living among us?

But we can’t see ghosts and spirits, right? Well, there are times when they supposedly manifest in various ways. When that happens, a lot of us get scared – and rightfully so!

Photo credit: Manoranjan Bhadauria / YouTube

In Khyala B Block Park, a park located in Khyala, New Delhi in India, a swing was videotaped as it moved violently although there was no one near enough to have caused it to move.

At first, it can be seen moving increasingly fast, before it slowed down to a halt but after just a brief pause, it began to move again. This time, it swung harder and higher than ever.

Many netizens thought the clip was more terrifying as it came to an end, especially because the one taking the video must have gotten scared at this point and was running away from the playground.

Of course, if the ghost was for real, it made perfect sense that the ones taking the video went away – if this happened to me, I wouldn’t even take a video and wait for things to turn worse! I’d be running away the moment that swing moved! LOL.

Photo credit: Manoranjan Bhadauria / YouTube

Many agreed that the video was rather scary but others also claimed that it looked fake. Some said the wind could be blowing fast that day, but the other swing remained stationary throughout the other one’s wild movements!

Others said a string must have been used to pull that swing yet doing so can be difficult, especially if you want the swing to move the same way it did on the video. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Check out this video and try to find the string, if there’s any:

Source: Mirror UK