WATCH: Giant Manta Ray Swims Towards Divers to Ask Help in Removing Fishing Rope from its Body!

It is a sad reality that humans have destroyed the planet in so many ways and that the beautiful Earth is not just destroyed but its other inhabitants as well?

For example, tons of waste material have been dumped into the ocean or have made their way there from the rivers and streams. Not only does this garbage pollute the oceans, these also cause sickness and even ***** to many creatures living in the waters – birds are affected, too!

In Costa Rica, a giant manta ray got caught in a fishing rope and had trouble getting rid of the line. It is unknown how many days or weeks it had been wrapped in that rope but when it saw a group of divers, the sea creature appeared to understand that they can help remove the blasted thing.

According to a group of divers who witnessed the bittersweet moment, the manta ray swam towards them and stopped the moment it reached one of the divers, Brian Thompson. It didn’t swim away – and seemed to ‘ask’ the diver to remove the rope.

Swiftly but carefully, Thompson moved to remove the rope from the giant manta ray’s body. The moment was captured on camera by one of the other divers.

Thomaz Monteiro said, “It was the first time I saw a manta ray. There was a very profound interaction between her and the diver.

According to the divers, the giant manta ray showed its appreciation on their help by staying around for 30 minutes before swimming away. While the encounter happened only for a few minutes, all the divers agreed that it was something they surely wouldn’t forget.