Giant Water Balloon Bursts under Sleeping Woman…Crazy Prank!

A man who claims his wife is narcoleptic (suffering from a sleep disorder characterized by sudden attacks of sleep and overwhelming daytime drowsiness) decided to prank her by filling a giant water balloon under the mattress she is sleeping on at the dock.

It took hours for the prankster and his friends to fill the giant water balloon up but the fun part actually starts when the balloon got so huge that the mattress was already moving like it was on a water bed.

Though it took the pranksters hours to set up the prank, the balloon burst in just a matter of seconds after it was hit. This sent the sleeping lady flopping down on the wet mattress while the others laughed.

Now, this was being promoted as a prank but several netizens noticed a lot of discrepancies in the supposed prank, including how easily the woman “fell asleep” (though this was supposedly caused by narcolepsy), how she didn’t appear to notice the mattress moving, how she appears to smile when a test was done on the balloon, and how a towel seems to magically appear under her neck just before the balloon was burst.

So, is this video for real or is just a fake prank? Check it out here: