Girl Already Presumed **** after Running Away from Home, Found 10 Years Later in an Internet Cafe!

Her addiction to online games led to a huge fight with her mom over missed days in school; thus, 14-year-old Xiaoyun ran away from home. Despite the police being called in to help in the search mission, no one found Xiaoyun. After years of being missing, the authorities presumed she was ****. And though her family remained hopeful that she will come home, that glimmer of hope waned as the years passed.

Who would have thought that Xiaoyun would be found 10 years later in an internet cafe in Zhejiang province, China – far from home but very much alive and still addicted to computer games?

She was ******** for using a fake ID. At the police station, she was forced to reveal herself and admit that she was the lost girl of 10 years ago. She told the surprised cops that, indeed, she had ran away from home at age 14 and that she’s been living out of handouts from kind people so she could eat and have money to fuel her online games addiction.

Photo credit: Britannica
Photo credit: Britannica

With no home and no job, Xiaoyun spent the past 10 years moving from one internet cafe to another across China, relying on handouts from people and internet cafe staff who allowed her to sleep and play in their business establishments for free.

Now 24 years old, Xiaoyun was finally reunited with her parents who were quite ecstatic to have her back. “I’ve dreamed of her coming home countless times,” exclaimed her grateful mother.

We’re glad this story had a happy ending. We just hope Xiaoyun wouldn’t run away from home again.

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