Girl Asked Netizens for Help to Find Missing Mom… Only to Discover FB Post of Her **** Body

Not someone to be associated for running away or turning off her cellphones, Miriam Bermas alarmed her family when she disappeared without telling them where she was going. Her mobile numbers could not be reached.

Two days after she went missing, Miriam’s daughter Mimi Bermas posted an appeal on Facebook for people to help find her missing mother. Mimi shared how her mom was last seen at a Starbucks outlet at a mall in Marikina, Philippines.

Please help us. This is my mom. She had been missing since the 19th. All of her numbers are out of coverage, and knowing…

Posted by Mimi Bermas on Monday, June 20, 2016

But while this photo was widely shared in Mimi’s circle, there’s a separate Facebook post circulating in another circle – a post that shows a **** woman sprawled on a grassy spot. The neck part of her t-shirt was stained with blood; flies were already settling on her clothes.

This post showing photos of the **** woman was posted a day before Mimi’s Facebook appeal – and someone soon messaged her about it.

Photo credit: Facebook - BINANGONAN AND MORE.(BAM) / Harold Aguilar
Photo credit: Facebook – BINANGONAN AND MORE.(BAM) / Harold Aguilar

Sadly, the woman in these photos turned out to be the Mimi’s mother! What a horrifying thing to discover on Facebook! Mimi is hoping someone could help them find her mother’s killers so they can give her justice! It turned out Miriam was robbed but the crooks were not content with running away with her money, they also killed her.

Rest in peace, Miriam Bermas. BuzzFlare prays for justice…

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