Girl Breaks Up with Boyfriend of 3 Years after He Discovered Her Messy Room and Posted it on FB

They’ve been a couple for over 3 years but a Taiwanese man had never been inside his girlfriend’s bedroom. But what he discovered in the bedroom had him running away – and led to his girlfriend breaking up with him, possibly from shame.

According to the Taiwanese man who shared his plight on Facebook, as reported by The Star Online Malaysia, he has never stepped inside his girlfriend’s bedroom because every time he visits her house, he is only allowed in the living room.

He didn’t really complain much about it, especially because his girlfriend still lives with her mother but he just found it weird that he’s forbidden to get even close to her room. Perhaps she’s very conservative? Well, not really.

One day, while the girl was taking a shower, her mother asked the unnamed boyfriend to take something to his girlfriend’s room. The guy readily obliged but was shocked to discover that the room was very messy!

Photo credit: The Star Online Malaysia

In fact, the room was so messy that it was difficult to walk from one spot to another without stepping on something. According to the horrified boyfriend, there were even plenty of soiled underwear and used sanitary napkins in the room – and the putrid smell had him gagging.

He rushed outside the room to save himself.

After posting a photo of the room on social media, the man received much sympathy from netizens who told him that it was great that he discovered the mess before they got married. Others told him that he should be glad he was saved by his girlfriend’s mother who inadvertently revealed the girl’s unsanitary habits before it was too late for him.

While he was still willing to take the girl, though, she broke up with him. It’s quite possible she was embarrassed over the situation.

Perhaps this should teach her to be tidy, not just to keep her boyfriends but to also stay healthy.

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