Girl Creates ‘Cool Windows’ for Neighbor’s Dog to View Her Yard

Dogs are jolly pals.  They enjoy playing with their masters or with other dogs.  Sad thing, others were confined inside their cages or trapped in fences making them unable to engage in play.

One smart girl found a way to let her neighbor’s dog get a glimpse of what her pets get to enjoy while playing in her yard.  What she did will leave you laughing.

Jennifer Bowman owns a dog named Olive and a stray cat named Max. Bowman noticed that every time she would take her pets outside, the neighbor’s dog named Penny, would frequently jump over the high fence just to get a view of what was happening in her yard as if she wanted to join her pets play.  Seeing this scenario, Bowman had an idea pop on her mind!

Photo : Screenshot Jenny Bowman/Facebook video

She said, “My neighbor’s German Shepherd is super curious about the goings on in our yard.”

What did she do?  She decided to drill three little holes on the fence that fit’s Penny’s eyes and nose so she doesn’t need  to jump untiringly over the high fence.

Photo : Screenshot Jenny Bowman/Facebook video

“I made her a peeking spot and I think she really loves it.  Now we see her little nose and brown eyes popping at us while we play.  She’s actually a very shy dog so I think she appreciated that she can peep without too much exposure,”  Bowman said on the video which she uploaded on You Tube.

“You need to see ‘Peeking Penny’ enjoying her new peep hole.  I just want to boop her little nose popping through the fence because it is absolutely adorable,” she added.

Photo : Jenny Bowman/Facebook video

People cannot get enough of the cuteness of “Peeking Penny” whose video had earned more than 47 million views and was shared for more than 395,000 times.

Many Facebook users commended Jenny for what she did and said that Penny was just adorable on the holes which made them feel like wanting to poke her nose.

Indeed, this dog found a way to enjoy what’s happening on the other side… peeking tirelessly!