Girl Gets iPhone X for Only $2.43 after Camping 4 Consecutive Nights Outside Cellphone Store

With the highly anticipated launching of the iPhone X in Malaysia, lots of people became excited to get their hands on it and explore the phone’s new features. So, when a cellular phone outlet announced they’ll be coming up with stock of the much-coveted phone, a girl named Tan Hui Sze headed towards the outlet to be the first in line.

With Tan’s strong determination to be the first to get hold of it, she stayed outside Blue Cube Sunway Pyramid and willingly waited even for a couple of days! Finally, after camping 4 nights straight outside and being the first in line, all of her sacrifices had been paid off as she was able to get the iPhone X 64G for only RM10 (US$2.43).

Photo: Celcom/Facebook

Meanwhile, another lucky girl named Imee Juiana Tajuddin also got the phone for the same price for being the first to pre-order the phone.

Photo: Celcom/Facebook

Apparently, if Tan will decide to subscribe a 24-month plan, she will only be required to pay an amount which is much lesser than the outright cost of the iPhone X 64GB as a favor for patiently waiting in line.

As perhaps the people who lined up outside just like Tan were hopeful they can also receive the same favor, they got even thrilled when Celcom announced that walk-in customers at Blue Cube Sunway Pyramid will be also given the chance of winning the iPhone X for only RM100 (US$24.3). They all tried their luck by playing the roulette which Celcom had prepared as part of the launching.

Photo: Celcom/Facebook

Some of them didn’t get the chance to win the iPhone X but then, they were able to win some consolation prizes like a free lightning cable and a power bank.

Photo: Celcom/Facebook

Tan was indeed such a lucky girl!

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