Girl Misses Train after Saving Old Man’s Life, Goes Viral for Good Deed

Life is a matter of choices.

A young student chose to save a stranger’s life even if that meant she will miss her train home – and she has gone viral for her kind deed.

Ding Hui, a medical student at Jinzhou Medical University in China, was at another section of Jinzhou South Railway Station when she heard over the PA system that an old man collapsed at the train station and is in need of immediate medical attention.

Photo credit: YouTube / CGTN

While many of the commuters hurriedly called emergency services, Hui leaped into action and ran to the platform where the old man had collapsed.

Seeing the 81-year-old man on the floor, with others just helplessly watching him there, Hui quickly performed CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It took Hui 10 minutes to revive the man – and she missed her train! But his life was saved.

After ensuring that the old man was safe, Hui went back to waiting for the next train.

Photo credit: YouTube / CGTN

But the man’s family were so grateful over her actions that they tried to give her a reward amounting to 2,000 yuan ($295); however, the young student refused to accept the reward.

It is our duty as medical staff to rescue those who are in danger,” she calmly told reporters covering the story.

For this young lady, the heroic deed was nothing but a normal thing – she didn’t think she deserved a reward for her actions.

If it weren’t for her, my dad would’ve been gone… She wouldn’t accept the money and wouldn’t leave her name. We only found her again when the video was posted online,” the old man’s son revealed.

Photo credit: Weibo – CGTN / Next Shark

Not accepting the monetary reward made Hui a more awesome hero. So, the old man’s family wrote a letter of commendation for Hui, addressed to Jinzhou Medical University in gratitude for her heroic deed that saved their father’s life.

What a wonderful young lady!

Source: CGTN, Next Shark