Girl Posts a Glamorous Selfie But Her Room Made it Viral

Glamorous selfies are no longer out of ordinary. In fact the bar is set so high that you need something really crazy before your selfie will go viral.

Photo: Twitter / @og_pocahontas

Alyssa, a girl from New Orleans, US probably knows that rule when she posts a selfie in a sexy dress before going out to a dinner date. It was just another selfie but check out the background: her room is an entire mess!

Photo: Twitter / @og_pocahontas

Well we have seen messy rooms as selfie backgrounds before but this one is on top tier. It immediately went viral on Twitter and got flooded with funny reactions.

One pointed out that the black shoes on the floor would fit better with the outfit. Another one photoshopped her in a clean room.

Photo: Twitter / @bk17__

If the room was not shocking enough, someone pointed out that there seems to be a mouse near the box.

Photo: Twitter / @deucetreykix
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