Girl who lost her leg personally hands out Christmas card to her neighbors

  • An 11-year-old leg girl whose right leg was amputated is making her neighborhood smile with Christmas cards she personally delivers to them
  • Her mother Holly said this is their way of showing their gratitude to the community that helped them while Angel was still recovering
  • They have since distributed over 1,000 Christmas cards

The struggles of having only one leg did not stop an 11-year-old English girl from spreading the Yuletide cheers in her neighborhood by handing them Christmas cards.

Image via SWNS

This is Angel Farley and her family’s way of showing gratitude to their community who came together to help her when she had her right leg amputated. Angel was born without a femur and hip socket. When they thought the girl was already recovering, she developed an infecti0n that led to her hospitalization for two months.

“It was a really hard time for us. I asked doctors whether she was going to survive and they couldn’t give me a straight answer,” Holly, Angel’s mother said. Fortunately, Angel was able to recover and is now using a new prosthetic leg that helps her move better.

“During her recovery, people in the village we had never met donated money for Angel. It was a real eye opener. We felt like we needed to do something to show our appreciation so we decided to expand the card giving,” Holly narrated.

Initially, Angel was only giving out greeting cards to her classmates but she asked her mom who else she can give cards to.

“It just got me thinking. I spoke with Angel about the idea of asking on Facebook if anyone would like a card from her. That’s when she told me that she thinks it would be nice to send cards to other people with disabilities and other people who might be forgotten at Christmas. It just went from there,” she said.

Image via SWNS

Since November, they have spent 60 hours making all the 1,064 cards. It has a message that reads: “From our house to yours. Happy Christmas. Love from Angel and Family.”

Holly said it’s all about making people smile on Christmas.

”We go around the village as a family most evenings. Sometimes Angel finds it difficult to access properties because of her disability, but she does her best.”

Good job, Angel!

Source: Good News Network