Girlfriend Proposes Marriage After Boyfriend Broke Up with Her When He Figured in a Car Accident

A man and his girlfriend from New Taipei City, Taiwan planned to get married sometime in 2018. Unfortunately, the man figured in a terrible car accident which left him with injuries and the treatment of which would require an amputation.

Thinking that his condition would just become a burden in the future to his would-be wife, the man decided to end their relationship and call off their engagement so the girl would be freed from the responsibility of taking care of him.

Not the one who easily gives up, the girl did not accept his boyfriend’s decision. She gathered a group of people, which includes a violinist, and planned to carry out a wedding proposal.

The group, then, entered the man’s hospital room with the violinist playing a romantic tune and each person holding a rose. The last person to enter the room was the girlfriend, herself, wearing a wedding gown and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Image capture of video by Proposal TIN (via YouTube)

She asked her boyfriend to accept the flowers as a sign that he is taking her to be his wife.

The man responded by reaching out to her and grabbing the flowers which prompted the girl to burst into tears.

The man also cried later on while saying that he will do everything he can to get better and he will be holding her hand for the rest of his life.