Given Just 3 Days to Live, Conjoined Twins Continue to Defy Odds Despite the Difficulties They Continually Have to Deal With

It is hard to imagine how difficult life would be if we had to physically share everything with another person but this is the challenge that conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita Andrade have to deal with, every single day.

Born in Mexico, the twins suffered so many health problems that doctors had given them only 3 days to live; they are now 16 years old and living in New Milford, Connecticut.

Photo credit: Carmen and Lupita Andrade / Instagram

Even if they have separate upper bodies that come with separate hearts, separate stomachs, and separate lungs, the twins share the rest of their digestive system, their reproductive system, circulatory system, and some ribs.

Lupita was also born with a severely curved spine and only has 40% lung capacity.

Photo credit: Annabel Clark / The Guardian

Considering all these conditions, doctors have deemed it next to impossible to separate the two. Doing so could lead to serious neurological problems or death.

Having learned to live their lives ‘stuck’ together, the twins would rather stay together than undergo a risky surgery that could risk them losing the other.

Photo credit: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant – People Magazine

People are often surprised to learn that they are so different from each other in so many ways.

They both admitted that while they share a body, they are two different persons. Still, like most twins, they have this mental link that’s just so amazing. For example, they sometimes finish each other’s sentences.

“There’s a lot more risk to it than it actually being beneficial so we…” Carmen began.

“…decided not to [go through with a surgery]. We’re just going to live out life and that’s it,” Lupita finished.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News

The girls definitely experience hardship every single day but they maintain their positive outlook in life.

Their story has inspired a lot of people, with many saying that after reading the girls’ story, they would never complain about their lives ever again. Do you agree?

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