Given the chance, would you take a pill to erase bad memories?

In our lives, we’ll make note of thousands of memories; some good, while some we wish we could just forget. Some of these memories could even haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Did you ever wonder, even for once, if it is possible to delete a specific bad memory? How cool that would be, right? What if you could actually do this? What if there is a way that you could actually forget these altogether? Can science erase your bad memories?

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Watch this video from AsapSCIENCE to find out more.

They say, the more you reflect on old memories, the less accurate they become. According to asapSCIENCE, “each time we think back on a memory, for example, a traumatic moment in our childhood; that memory is actually rewired in our brain. In other words, you’re physically changing a memory in your brain each time you think about it.”

Knowing about this stuff, aren’t you curious about this? And for the big question, if there was a pill you could take to delete your bad memories, would you take it?