Glass Door Opens Twice, Then Shatters to Pieces…Even If There Was No One Around!

Did a ghost just open a glass door twice and smash it with some force field? We are not so sure what exactly happened but this appears to be the only plausible explanation to what happened at one company (Corporation Place) in Singapore.

In a CCTV footage dated August 17,2015 shared by netizen Jay Ong on YouTube, the glass entrance to the lobby of the company appears to be empty. There was no person or animal inside the lobby or beyond the glass doors that the camera could detect.

Yes, the wind appears to be blowing a bit harder than usual but could such a wind really carry enough force to open that glass door twice?

According to the video uploader, the door has a hydraulic door closer at the bottom – that alone would make it more difficult for the wind to simply push that heavy glass door open!

There seems to be no logical explanation to this incident except that something unseen had opened the door twice, then smashed it to pieces the second time around! Could it be a ghost looking for revenge? Whoa!

Check out the CCTV footage here: