Goodwill Worker Thinks She’s Getting Pranked after Finding $39k in Donated Bag

A lot of people drop their donations at Goodwill or some other store/facility after spring cleaning or when a loved one **** and they have no idea what to do with their used belongings.

One family did just that after their grandmother died, not knowing that they also included a bag filled with money in the stash for donation.

Goodwill assistant store manager Kindell Keyes was sorting through donations received at a Goodwill location in Long Island, New York, when she found a bag that was heavier and bulkier than usual. She was surprised to see several envelopes filled with varying amounts of money inside the donated item.

Photo credit: Goodwill NYNJ / YouTube

At first, Kindell thought she was getting pranked and that a show’s host would come bursting inside the shop to interview her about the ‘lost’ cash but when none came, she realized this was a real case of someone accidentally donating a bag of money.

She and another employee, Maria Torres, sifted through the bag and found a total of $37,000 inside. Maria was also able to find an envelope with an address in Queens which she later visited. There, she discovered that the old lady who lived in the address had recently died and that her two grandsons came to sort her belongings and were, most likely, the ones who dropped the bag at Goodwill.

After getting the grandson’s phone number, Maria told him about Kindell’s find. This grandson lives in California but traveled back to New York to claim the bag and to attend the simple ceremony Goodwill hosted to honor Kindell’s honesty.

At the ceremony, the grateful grandson shared 10% ($3,900) of the bag’s contents to Kindell who was quite happy with the reward. She said she wasn’t expecting any reward because she was just doing the right thing.

I believe in karma. You do good, good things happen to you,”Kindell said. Well, the karma was nearly instantaneous on this one, right?