Gorgeous “Entrance Girl” Captures Netizens’ Hearts

Just recently, a Badjao girl from Quezon province in the Philippines went viral for her stunning beauty, with many people likening her to some Filipina celebrities but it seems that the country does not run out of beautiful ladies because days later, another pretty face is making rounds on social media.

Sernie David Naungayan, a filmmaker at Day Dream Captures, was with a group covering a prenuptial shoot in Maasim, Sarangani Province when a group of local kids approached them to collect entrance fees for the location.

Naungayan spotted the gorgeous girl among her friends. Without second thoughts, he aimed the camera at her – and was quite surprised that she gamely posed for some shots.

Photo by Sernie David Naungayan/Facebook
Photo by Sernie David Naungayan/Facebook

He shares the photos on Facebook, calling her the “Entrance Girl”; not surprisingly, the post had quickly gone viral. A lot of netizens are commenting how girls like her with morena (brown) skin should be the ones modeling for products in this tropical country; not very fair-skinned girls, especially considering that many of the ladies actually have brown skin.

What do you think of this pretty girl?

An Indian Goddess at the coasts of Maasim. While on our way towards our 2nd location for a prenuptial shoot with my…

Posted by Sernie David Naungayan on Thursday, May 19, 2016