Gorgeous Gasoline Girl Goes Viral for Her Joyful Dance While Filling Tanks

A lot of gorgeous ladies and handsome hunks have gone viral these days for their looks – and another one has made it to the list of viral internet sensations not just for her good looks but for her funky, joyful dance.

Dubbed by bloggers as the ‘Gasoline Girl’, this girl works as a gasoline pump attendant. While this job is often viewed as too simple, too boring, and pays too little, it would seem that this lady does not mind all those but actually loves her job!

In the clip that since gone viral on social media, the girl could be seen dancing to a funky beat while filling a car’s tank. According to Danified, this girl is actually an internet star and has several viral videos on YouTube under her own channel, Ploy Theerada Mokkhasak.

We’re not so sure what’s this music the girl is dancing to but we can easily tell that she’s having a great time. In this jaded world where people hate their jobs, especially the low-paying ones, it’s refreshing to see this girl who just loves what she’s doing.

Indeed, her job might be boring for many but because she knew how to find ways to have a good time, her job doesn’t look so boring now, right?

Check out her funky dance moves here: