Grab Driver Receives Reward for Act of Kindness, Pays It Forward

Fadhli Sahar, a Malaysian driver from a ride-hailing mobile application Grab, took to Facebook to share his experience with a foreign couple who booked him for a ride.

He fetched a Singaporean couple from Empire Hotel in Subang, Malaysia. As soon as they got inside the car, Fadhli clarified the address of their destination which, apparently, was at Main Place at USJ 21. However, the couple said that they are going to a wedding which will be held at the house of their cousin.

Fadhli felt strange because the address that the couple keyed in the app when they booked the ride shows a shopping mall. But he thought that, perhaps, the house is just around the Main Place, so he decided to drive on.

Image from Pixabay

When they reached the shopping mall Main Place, which the GPS lead them, the couple and the driver were both confused. Fadhli asked the couple to let him see the address.

After he saw the address, Fadhli realized that the couple copied the wrong address. They panicked when the driver told them that they got the wrong address, as they were unfamiliar with the place, but they calmed down after Fadhli told them that he will drop them off at their cousin’s house.

Turning off his Grab driver app, Fadhli drove the couple to the right destination. When they reached the place, he told them that he will just add RM5 ($1) on top of the original fare, since the place was just 5kms away from the place they originally booked for.

The total fare amounted to RM20 ($5) but the couple gave him RM50 ($12). He gave them their change but they refused, saying that the RM20 is for the ride and the RM30 ($7) is the reward for his kindness.

Image from the Facebook account of Fadhli Sahar

Sharing how the couple’s kindness towards him inspired him to do the same, he narrated the story of a minor incident involving him and another car. The other driver had been calm and easily forgave him for damaging his car. He only asked Fadhli to pay for the slight damage to his car. But Fadhli remembered the Singaporean couple’s kindness and he decided to give the man more than enough amount to cover the damages incurred.

To end his post, he reminded everyone to appreciate all the small acts of kindness they experience and to appreciate those who treat us with cordiality and courtesy.