Grab Driver Rushes Passenger to Hospital after Company Clinic Refused to Call Ambulance

A Grab driver recently earned praise after putting his life on the line to rush his passenger to the hospital after the latter experienced a severe allergic reaction but his company clinic refused to call him an ambulance.

In a post that has since gotten viral on Facebook, Patrick John D. Valbuena narrated how he went to the company clinic after experiencing allergies for the first time.

He was told to go home but as his condition worsened and the swelling on his rashes got bigger, he asked for an ambulance so he could be rushed to the hospital; but the clinic allegedly refused to call an ambulance. He was assured that he was going to be alright but Patrick was having breathing difficulties that made him fear for his life.

Photo credit: Facebook / Patrick John D. Valbuena

So, he asked a friend to book him a Grab ride to the hospital.

The driver came and he saw my condition. He is more alert than our company clinic who refuse to call an ambulance but since that I know what to do I was the one who insisted to bring myself to Makati Med instead taking their [advice] to go home.

I owe my life to this driver he rushed me to the hospital for just 10 minutes BGC to Makati Med on hazard [lights] and by pressing his horn until we arrived as he saw my condition as I keep on catching my breath,” Patrick wrote, thanking Grab driver Rogelio Hernandez Almodal Jr.

At the hospital, the driver refused to accept Patrick’s payment but the latter insisted.

Hospital staff rushed to pull Patrick from the car and bring him to the emergency room. By this time, his blood pressure has gone dangerously low at 70/50. His oxygen levels must have dropped, too, and he was in a nearly 50-50 situation.

Photo credit: Facebook / Patrick John D. Valbuena

But thanks to the driver’s swift action, his life was saved. For this, Patrick was all praises for the driver, who he thinks deserves more than just 5 stars on the rating card.

With all the negative news Grab has received in the past weeks, it is great to hear that there are still a lot of kind and honest Grab drivers out there who are willing to go the extra mile for someone in need, quite literally!