Grandpa Goes against Wife’s Wishes, Secretly Raises Stray Kittens after She Refused to Let Him Keep Them

One man got into a little trouble with his wife after secretly raising stray kittens in their backyard despite her telling him to keep them out of the property! But the old man has a big heart for the poor strays that he secretly raised them in his shed, anyway, because he was afraid they would die if he didn’t help out.

Grandpa Jimmy, 85, lives in Puerto Rico. His ‘clandestine’ work started when a mama cat entered their home one day. Excited at the prospect of finally having pets at home, he asked his wife whether they could keep the cat but she wouldn’t hear of it, telling him to take the animal to the shelter.

Photo credit: Twitter / Syl – The Dodo

His granddaughter, Syl, shared the secret on Twitter – although there was nothing to worry about Grandma finding out because she doesn’t have a social media account!

My grandpa let a stray cat have her kittens in his tool shed and now he’s raising a bunch of cats behind my grandmas back bc she said no,” Syl tweeted.

But Grandpa Jimmy would soon love the cat even more, after discovering it was pregnant.

Photo credit: Twitter / Syl – The Dodo

My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn’t go. This particular cat was especially friendly and got attached to my grandpa,” she told The Dodo.

To make sure his wife doesn’t find out, Grandpa Jimmy hid the cat in the shed as his wife doesn’t go there. Things were great for some time – because Grandpa Jimmy can take care of his new babies without his wife knowing they were in the yard.

But everyone knows you can’t just put kittens in one place and make them stay put. They soon went out of the shed and explored the property, much to Grandma’s surprise! Ooooops. Grandpa Jimmy’s secret was out!

Thankfully, Grandma didn’t kick Grandpa Jimmy out of the house for his secret as the loving old man promptly brought her huge flowers from the yard.

Photo credit: Twitter / Syl – The Dodo

She’s okay with them staying there until they’re old enough to have new homes,” Syl revealed.

We’re not so sure if Grandpa Jimmy would willingly let go of all the kittens; perhaps he’ll manage to convince his wife to keep some now that she’s discovered his secret…

My grandpa is really kind and has always loved animals. So it’s not really that surprising,”Syl added.

Cats do have a way of melting people’s hearts, right?

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