Grandson Surprises His Grandma With a Fake Radio Announcement for the Sweetest Birthday Surprise Ever…

Whether its Grandma, Grandmom, Granny, Mama, Momsyyy, Wowa, Lola — this I can tell you: there’s no question on a grandparent’s love for their grandchildren. Having grandparents is one of the greatest things anyone could ever have in their life.

Growing up, I’ve always envied those children who got to spend more time with their  grandparents; mine I only got to see for a short time for they left and went to heaven. I’ve always wondered how it would be like if I was given the chance to enjoy my childhood with them.

Really, grandparents play an important role in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. They can be loving companions, caregivers, mentors, historians and sources of various other forms of support. For those who have experienced life with their grandparents, they can say that they definitely play a very big role in molding them into the adults that they are now. That’s why for some grandchildren, they want to give back to their grandparents in any way that they can, to show how much they love and appreciate them.

This grandson, however, is definitely a front runner to win grandson of the year. YouTuber/ Radio and Television presenter David Goodings from London wanted to surprise his grandmother who turned 86 that day; that’s why he devised a beautiful surprise of wishing his granny a happy 86th birthday.

They both got in the car and David ‘tuned-in’ to the radio when the music was interrupted by a ‘breaking news’ segment. A broadcast begins with a radio announcer calling for his listeners’ attention. “Please listen very, very carefully,” he urges in an uncharacteristic tone that, somehow, doesn’t clue Nan into the birthday goings-on. “Breaking news just in,” the broadcast continues. “Iris Howard is celebrating her birthday.” At this point, Howard cracks a smile and begins to laugh.

As the recording continues, we get to hear messages from family and friends all over the world and Iris begins to let out her share of happy tears.

The emotional clip has been viewed by thousands of people as of this article’s writing- and more people are loving it! Watch the video below and see why:

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