Grief-stricken Mom Forced to Choose Between Her Dying Sons Who BOTH Needed Her Kidney

With both her sons dying from kidney failure and time running out, mom Lian Ronghua was forced to choose which of them would receive her kidney – and that could mean watching the ***** of the other! It was a decision that no mother should ever have to make – and it certainly broke her heart.

Her sons, 26-year-old Li Haiqing and 24-year-old Li Haisong, were diagnosed with uremia, a debilitating kidney condition. Both needed a kidney transplant but their father, Li Xiukai, is not suitable as donor because he has hypertension.

Picture shows : Lian Ronghua (left) with eldest son (center) and younger son Li Haisong (in bed) before surgery.
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

So, it was Ronghua who had to go under the knife to donate one of her kidneys to her sons. But the dilemma of to whom she should give it to just broke this mom’s heart, knowing full well that no matter what her decision might be, it would lead to the demise of the other son.

While they hailed from Quanzhou City in the Fujian Province of China, they moved to Xiamen so the two could receive dialysis, with their schedules done on alternate dates.

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Seeing that the tough decision was tearing their mom apart, Haiqing told her that they should save his younger brother first. Then, they should just pray for a miracle that a donor could be found for him – and that they could still afford the second batch of operations.

The 8-hour operation was a success but Ronghua couldn’t help but cry during operation.

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

I only have one kidney [to spare] and I can only save one son. No matter who I give it to, it’s unfair,” the anguished mom said.

Isn’t this heartbreaking?

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