Grieving Guy Posts Heartbreaking ‘Baby Announcement’ After Pregnant Girlfriend **** in Road Accident

Brandon Forseth’s girlfriend, Kylee Bruce, knew he couldn’t keep secrets but she made him promise not to announce that she’s pregnant until they did the ultrasound at 20 weeks so they can also reveal the baby’s gender in the surprise announcement – sadly, Kylee and the unborn baby died just 2 weeks before their planned announcement.

The grieving husband and would-be dad posted a heartbreaking ‘baby announcement’ on Facebook, sharing his feelings on how he was so excited to meet the unborn child and be a dad.

According to Forseth, “You made me promise not to announce our baby to the world until 20 weeks when we found out the sex. We were going to make a funny announcement video and share it with everyone. You were 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, and I lost you both last night. Even though I hadn’t met my baby, the amount of love and excitement I had in my heart was unlike anything I’d ever felt.

He shared the excitement he felt knowing that he’s going to be a dad soon.

Photo credit: Brandon Forseth / Facebook

Listening to its heartbeat for the first time on the ultrasound, staring at the ultrasound pictures on my fridge in awe of the little life growing inside of you. I couldn’t wait to be a father and I felt so blessed everyday that it would grow up with you as its mother. I couldn’t help it and told multiple family members and close friends and you’d always say, ‘Brandon! you can never keep a secret!’ and I’d just smile and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m just too excited,’” he proudly revealed.

You would have been the best mom Ky. You made me so happy, you were my future… Everything I did, as hard as I’ve worked, every decision I made had you and your happiness in mind.

But he just had to break his promised to her, “I’m sorry I’m breaking my promise right now and telling everyone a couple weeks early, but I was so proud of you, and I want everyone to know how committed you were to this child.”

But he also expressed regrets that he had been too tired and did not accompany her on the trip because things would have probably been different if he had been with her.

Photo credit: Bend Bulletin

I could feel the warmth and purpose our child gave you, and I knew I needed to be the best man I could possibly be for both of you, to keep you comfortable and safe. I couldn’t keep you safe last night. I should have [gone] with you to Bend like you asked… I shouldn’t have been too tired, and maybe things would have worked out differently,” he lamented.

What a twisted, cruel world we live in that decides to take a clean, beautiful, innocent soul like yours away, instead of mine. I’d switch places with you in a second. I promise to keep being the man you fell for, I promise to do something great with this life I have left, I promise to make you proud of me, I promise to never take anything for granted again, and I promise to say I love you to those I care about early and often. I wish I would have said it to you last night before you left, but in my heart, I know that you knew.

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“You made me promise not to announce our baby to the world until 20 weeks when we found out the sex. We were going to…

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