Groom Divorces Bride Just Minutes After Ceremony Because She Kept Texting on Their Wedding Night

Could this be the shortest marriage ever?

A frustrated groom in Saudi Arabia filed divorce against his new wife just minutes after the ceremony ended because she refused his amorous advances on their wedding night as she still had to respond to text messages from friends who were congratulating them on their marriage.

Right after the marriage ceremony ended, the newlywed couple had gone to their hotel room to enjoy the start of their marriage but the wife kept rebuffing the husband because she was busy texting.


Considering that this was the official start of their honeymoon, the groom requested her to delay responding to her friends’ messages but she got angry.

Frustrated, the groom asked whether her friends were more important to her than him, her husband. It shocked him that she admitted that, indeed, her friends are more important to her!

In anger, the husband stormed off and divorced his new wife. Though the reconciliation committee tried to help the two resolve their wedding night differences, both were too angry to reconsider. The groom also insisted that the divorce be finalized ASAP!

What a way to end a marriage…

Source :

Fox News

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