Groom Goes Viral for Taking Unusual Ride to Wedding with His Groomsmen

In weddings, it is usually the bride who makes the grand entrance but there are times when the groom also makes his own grand entrance – that’s not meant to upstage the bride, of course, but to make the occasion more fun and exciting.

Take for example this Irish groom who made his grand entrance on board a tractor while his groomsmen road a fleet of ride-on lawnmowers! Isn’t that cute?

Photo credit: Formally Casual Video Productions / Facebook

Identified as Scott Watson, the Co. Down groom who works as a greenskeeper thought it fitting to make an entrance to his wedding on board vehicles he and his friends regularly use. It made for a fun entrance video that would go viral after it was posted by their videographer, Formally Casual Video Productions.

It turned out Scott had married Emma Coulter in December but it was only a month later that the video was posted online where it received raves from the audience on social media. Many netizens expressed admiration that the groom came up with this unique ride to his wedding – and by the looks on their faces, his groomsmen are also having the time of their lives.

Photo credit: Formally Casual Video Productions / Facebook

The video wasn’t able to capture the bride’s reaction to her groom’s grand entrance but we’re willing to bet she was grinning from ear to ear as she watched this cute video. Do you agree?

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