Groom Surprises Bride with Cool Flash Mob Song and Dance at Wedding Reception

Most men would do anything for the woman they love, even if it means planning and practicing for months in advance just so he could sing well and dance with the entourage to surprise the lovely bride. This is exactly what one groom, Kenny, did for his bride Kayla.

After the traditional dance with his mother, someone cut in to take his mom away and give him a microphone. The music started and Kenny sang to Phillip Phillips’ “Gone, Gone, Gone”.

The surprise did not stop there because after Kenny sang a few lines, the entourage began to join him at the dance floor for a cool flash mob dance that had the bride laughing, with tears of joy flowing from her eyes. It certainly was a fun and sweet moment.

How cool would it be if all grooms surprise their brides with a special number during their wedding?

Check out the fun video here: