Group with ‘Exorcist’ Dance Moves Gets First Golden Buzzer in Asia’s Got Talent Season 2

The second season of Asia’s Got Talent has just begun but some of the acts featured in the first episode have already amazed a lot of viewers. But the most amazing of the ones first shown on the talent reality show was the dance act of ADEM Dance Crew from the Kyrgyz Republic.

Comprised of four guys clad in costume that appears to be a cross between traditional garb and futuristic clothes, ADEM Dance Crew took to the stage and confused the judges for a while due to them coming from a rather ‘unknown’ country.

They had to explain a bit about their country and what language they use there, for the benefit of the judges and the audience who probably don’t know where Kyrgyz Republic is as well.

When asked what they would do, the leader who wears a different costume from the group informed the judges that they were doing what they call as the ‘popping dance’, something that they probably hadn’t seen before.

This got everyone curious, of course.

At first, though, the group appeared to ‘copy’ the moves done by Time Machine in the first season of the show that got them the Golden Buzzer from then-judge Vanness Wu in 2015. But as the dance continued, it was clear that ADEM Dance Crew had a different routine with unique moves that shocked everyone.

Photo credit: Asia’s Got Talent / YouTube

The leader of the group began to ‘control’ the others, making them move in such a way that one might associate with an exorcist or something. One of the guys began to turn his hand over 360 degrees and twisted his body backwards, making judge Anggun scream.

The second guy took a split and bended his leg forward, making the hosts cringe as they imagined the pain this guy could be feeling.

But what truly amazed everyone is the third guy’s action wherein the ‘exorcist’ leader made him bend over backwards but with one foot remaining rooted to the stage! How did he even manage to do that without falling on his back? Whew!

These guys are definitely awesome performers. For their incredible dance act, they earned the Golden Buzzer from South Korean rapper Jay Park while the other judges also praised them for their unique act.

What do you think of their performance?