This Guy Bathes in 600lbs of Nutella, Enrages Netizens for Wasting So Much Food

Nutella is a delicious treat but it also has a higher price tag compared with other sandwich spreads. Many love to buy it, anyway, because of its delightful taste.

But while many of us cherish every single drop of Nutella, there’s this guy who spent a good deal of money to buy 600lbs worth of this tasty treat just so he could bathe in it! Crazy, eh?

This guy was identified as Cemre Candar, a vlogger who enjoys posting crazy videos of him doing all sorts of crazy stuff – and we bet that’s just for likes and views on social media! Of course, he gets a lot of moolah on the views but people were not so happy that he bathed in Nutella.

Screenshot from video by Cemre Candar / YouTube

Netizens were quite enraged that he would waste so much expensive food just so he would go viral on social media.

Someone even did the math on the whole thing, calculating that if Candar really had 600lbs of Nutella in that tub then he must have spent around $2,500! That’s a lot of money to spend on food that is going to waste.

Many suggested that he should have used the money to feed a lot of people; although that would probably not gain the same amount of views he got from the Nutella clip.

Watch this video and tell us whether you think it was alright for him to do this: