Guy Busts Someone Stealing His Truck, Earns Praise after Giving the Keys to Mentally Challenged ‘Thief’

What would you do if you catch someone trying to steal your car? Of course, we would all be furious and call the cops or even take matters in our own hands and apprehend the thief!

But one guy’s reaction melted a lot of hearts when he actually handed the ‘thief’ the keys to his truck after realizing the young man is mentally challenged, possibly having Down Syndrome.

The Australian guy who owned the truck was identified as Jimbo, the guy behind YouTube channel Gary the Goat. The said goat was even featured in the video, languishing beside the truck while his human tried to bust a would-be thief.

Photo credit: Gary The Goat / YouTube

It seems that Jimbo was having some lunch while Gary guarded their truck when the thief sneaked into the front seat and tried to steal the truck. The only problem was that he doesn’t really know how to steal vehicles and doesn’t even know how to drive one! Ooops.

Detecting that this was your common run-of-the-mill crook, Jimbo talked to the lad about what he was doing. Feeling happy that the truck owner didn’t boot him off the vehicle, the young man happily smiled as he played with the steering wheel.

Jimbo didn’t have the heart to kick him out of the vehicle; thus, he handed the kid the keys to the truck and asked whether he knows how to drive. The young man happily smiled and enjoyed tinkering with the beat up old truck.

It was a good thing Jimbo was such a good sport about it; though he most likely had to make the young man get out of the car at some point. But, at least, he gave this kid a chance to enjoy ‘driving’ the truck even for just a while.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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