Guy Films Pit Filled with Rattlesnakes, But Crazily Retrieves Camera from the Deadly Snakes After it Falls in Den

What would you do if you stumble upon a den of deadly snakes? Well, surely most of us would run away and never come back again but Michael J. Delaney is not like the rest of us. Instead of running away, he ran forward to film the den of rattlesnakes!

Rattlesnakes are venomous. Delaney, who lives in Montana, surely knows that – but this knowledge did not prevent him from getting close to these dangerous creatures. Perhaps he does know that rattlesnakes rarely bite unless provoked but considering that he was encroaching on their territory and that there scores of them in that pit, that should already be considered a very dangerous thing to do!

Screenshot from video by Michael Delaney / YouTube
Screenshot from video by Michael Delaney / YouTube

One rattlesnake’s bite is already deadly – imagine getting bitten by at least 20 of them! This was really a crazy thing to do but for the sake of science (or internet fame?), Delaney moved in and started filming using a GoPro camera.

It was scary and fascinating at the same time. The snakes’ rattles could be heard shaking in the video but Delaney wasn’t deterred in the least bit. He continued filming.

Unlucky for him, he dropped the GoPro into the den! Ooooops. At this point, everyone else would have given up and see it as a sign that they had to go away but Delaney wasn’t about to let those snakes make his GoPro their toy!

So, he went back to his jeep to retrieve a hockey stick and used it to fish the camera out of the rattlesnake den – another dangerous thing to do considering that the snakes were already quite disturbed at this time and ready to strike.

Just check out this footage and see just how crazy this guy had been while filming those snakes:

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