Guy Goes Viral after Tweeting about Horror of Discovering Roommate Murdered Boyfriend in Their Apartment!

There are certainly a lot of pros and cons with sharing an apartment with other people. But one guy regrets having a roommate after coming home one day to discover she had murdered her boyfriend in their room!

Social media user Chase (@chaserojo on Twitter) was surprised to arrive home last February 14 with cops swarming his apartment in Gainesville, Florida and keeping it off limits for some time while they investigated the crime scene.

A horrified Chase posted about it on Twitter – and the tweet would quickly go viral! Some people actually thought he was just joking at first but he would soon post a photo of her mugshot, photos of bullet holes on the wall (thankfully, not photos of the dead body!), and a photo of the closed door which cops locked and tagged as the crime scene.

We can’t blame him for wanting to move out!

So, how did it happen?

According to another person who lived in the 3-level apartment, he heard three gunshots from his bedroom and wasn’t sure from which room it came as he heard no arguing loud voices. Shortly, a car drove away and he rushed downstairs to investigate.

He found 26-year-old Jose Ricardo Ortiz III sprawled inside the room of 24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner. He called 911.

According to reports, Ortiz is Tonner’s ex-boyfriend but despite the break-up, he continues to live in the apartment. It is unknown what exactly triggered Tonner’s outburst but she would later flee to her parents’ home where she called 911 to inform the cops she had killed someone she loved at her apartment, ran away to her parents’ home, and is still holding a gun and planning to kill herself.

The dispatcher managed to convince her to put the gun in the drawer. Cops who arrived at her parents’ home later found a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the kitchen drawer. She is currently being held at the Alachua County Jail for the murder.

According to Chase, the investigators found that the kitchen calendar had the word “Death” written on the date — and not one of the residents noticed.

While other residents refused to talk about the murder, Chase tweeted about it – including getting perks like a free hotel stay paid by his landlord while he’s still waiting for another apartment to live in. For sure, no one would want to go back and live in that apartment now…

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